NavMem Explorer

People with cognitive impairments frequently loose orientation when navigating outdoors. Existing navigation solutions provide an overwhelming amount of information and are unable to address the users’ needs and desires. The NavMem Explorer is an orientation aid specifically designed for people with mild cognitive impairments (MCI). Key design concepts are the decomposition of complex navigation tasks into less complex navigation tasks, the personalization of content, and the use of photographs whenever possible.

navmem-screenshot1 navmem-screenshots

Google Play Store

NavMem Explorer is available from the Google Play store (link). If you have an Android phone, feel free to try it out.

Related Publications

  • Poppinga, Benjamin; Heuten, Wilko; Boll, Susanne – NavMem Explorer: An Orientation Aid for People with Mild Cognitive Impairments. Pervasive Health, 2014, Oldenburg, Germany. PDF