Personal Intelligent Assistant (PIA)

PIA is Audi’s digital assistant, taking over the role of a virtual co-driver. It learns the user’s habits and routines, and uses this knowledge to make targeted and proactive recommendations. It further assists in all mobility-related tasks, e.g., booking and navigating to a restaurant, or en/disabling advanced driver assistance systems.

My contributions to this project were the investigation of potential concepts for customer data collection and processing, including the ideation and creation of AI models that are able to predict, e.g., a particularly suitable context for ADAS use. I further had several contributions to the overall user experience design, e.g., how an early personalization of the vehicle and the assistant could be staged, including a personalized greeting outside of the vehicle.

A video of a prototype can be found on the Audi website. Another presentation (in German) is available on YouTube (see below). If you attended one of the various Audi presentations in the past few years, chances are high that you’ve already experienced the assistant in action.