The PocketNavigator is a navigation application for pedestrians. In addition to visual feedback it also provides tactile cues. This allows to follow a route without looking at the screen.

Please have a look at this video, where we illustrate some of the prototypes we developed at OFFIS for the HaptiMap project.

Related Publications

The PocketNavigator was presented in several publications. We presented how we identified the tactile pattern, which the PocketNavigator is using, at INTERACT 2011. A large-scale study how this tactile feedback is used in the wild was presented at CHI 2012.

  • Pielot, Martin; Poppinga, Benjamin; Heuten, Wilko; Schang, Jeschua; Boll, Susanne – A Tactile Compass for Eyes-free Pedestrian Navigation. INTERACT 2011, Lisboa, Portugal. PDF.
  • Pielot, Martin; Poppinga, Benjamin; Heuten, Wilko; Boll, Susanne – PocketNavigator: Studying Tactile Navigation Systems In-Situ. ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2012, Austin, USA. PDF.