The Tacticycle is a bicycle which encourages the exploration of unknown environments. Two actuators in the handle bar present the direction to a set destination and highlight nearby points of interest.


Please have a look at this video, where we illustrate some of the prototypes we developed at OFFIS for the HaptiMap project.

Related Publications

The Tacticycle origins from my Diploma thesis. When I started working at OFFIS, we continued to work on this prototype. We presented a demo at Mobile HCI 2009 and a full paper at Mobile HCI 2012.

  • Poppinga, Benjamin; Pielot, Martin; Boll, Susanne – Tacticycle: A Tactile Display for Supporting Tourists on a Bicycle Trip, Mobile HCI 2009, 15. – 18.09.2009, Bonn, Germany. PDF.
  • Pielot, Martin; Poppinga, Benjamin; Heuten, Wilko; Boll, Susanne – Tacticycle: Supporting Exploratory Bicycle Trips. Mobile HCI, 2012, San Francisco, USA. PDF.