wiigee is a Java-based gesture recognition library for the Nintendo Wiimote. It allows to train and recognise 3D gestures on the fly. The library follows a plugin-based approach and can be adapted to other accelerometer-based interfaces.

Related Publications

It has been presented at TEI 2008 and I wrote an article for the popular iX magazine for information technology (vol. 9/2009).

  • Poppinga, Benjamin – Fix gezeigt: Beschleunigung als neue Art der Interaktion, iX – Magazin für professionelle Informationstechnik, Ausgabe 9/2009
  • Schlömer, Thomas; Poppinga, Benjamin; Henze, Niels; Boll, Susanne – Gesture Recognition with a Wii Controller, Tangible and Embedded Interaction 2008, 18. – 20.02.2008, Bonn, Germany. PDF.
  • Poppinga, Benjamin – Beschleunigunsbasierte 3D-Gestenerkennung mit dem Wii Controller (in German), Individuelles Projekt and der Universität Oldenburg. PDF


wiigee source code is available via SourceForge (link). It is no longer maintained or supported.